Commercial Interior Design

Aria at Portwalk Place - Community Center - Portsmouth, NH Outside Opposite ViewMorr Interiors is involved with commercial interior design spaces such as Clubhouses, Amenities Centers and Common Areas. Within most residential communities, Morr Interiors has helped design these spaces to attract potential homebuyers. The correlation between a model home and its surrounding development is very crucial and is an important sales tool for the builder and real estate team to help set themselves apart from the competition.

We strive to design spaces that are the perfect balance between beautiful, elegant design and a space that a potential homebuyer can see themselves living in. We want our designed spaces to be impressive, memorable conversation starters.

Knowing how to find a balance between what varying individuals may want is an important factor in our design process when it comes to common areas. We understand that most common areas such as clubhouses and amenities centers can be budget driven, and we can work with you to get the best results for your budget. We also understand that designing for spaces such as these can be difficult and are very different from designing a personal home’s room. With our longstanding experience and positive results, Morr Interiors assures you we can handle your commercial design project in a professional, timely manner.