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Stephanie Moor Interiors

Ocean Meadow at West Newbury Model Home. She was instrumental throughout the design process with her previous employer, and she made the Model come to life. The Ocean Meadow Model Home opened its doors in November of 2007, and it still impresses our new and returning visitors every day with its casual elegance and thoughtful details.

We maintained a strong relationship with Stephanie after completing the model, and were very excited by the opening of Morr Interiors in 2009. Our homeowners were thrilled as well, and Stephanie has since worked with most of them to select paint colors, window treatments and accessories.

As sales and our neighborhood have progressed, we have engaged Stephanie once again to help us “wow” our potential buyers. In the beginning of 2011, Stephanie helped create two unique “Designer Portfolio Homes” for quick delivery, and has started designing our new Model Home in the 2nd phase of the community. With her bold use of color and new and innovative materials, we are very excited to unveil our new Model Home later this year.

In addition to her work on our Model and Portfolio Homes, Stephanie has also become an integral part of our homeowner selections process. Based on a program created by Stephanie, we now offer 15 hours of her design services to every new buyer that signs a Purchase Agreement. We call it the “Style Your Home” Designer Package, and our new buyers absolutely love it!

Stephanie’s beautiful work truly speaks for itself, and with her easy-going and kind demeanor, she is a complete pleasure to work with. She makes my job as a builder easier because of her organized presentation of selections, and also helps the homeowners make selections in a timely manner. We look forward to collaborating with Stephanie Morrison and Morr Interiors for many years to come.”

Stephen J. Gillis, President – Gillis Homes, Inc
Ocean Meadow at West Newbury, MA

“Stephanie is the best interior designer! I wanted to create a place I could call ‘home’. I was tired of the ‘IKEA Showroom’ look… Stephanie Morrison of Morr Interiors was the perfect person for me. She exceeded every one of my expectations. She made the intimidating process of designing and transforming my apartment into a home an awesome experience… I was so lucky to have found Stephanie. As soon as I met with her, I got a sense of her warm personality and her professionalism. She immediately knew what I wanted and understood my design concept. She has impeccable taste, an excellent eye for color, and very creative ideas to make any home beautiful and outstanding. I can’t thank her enough!”

Dan Brochu, Portwalk Place, Portsmouth, NH

“I have utilized Morr Interiors for a variety merchandising projects during the past year. Our firm’s portfolio consists of a diverse range of product type and price points, and in each case, Stephanie has expertly showcased our homes. Her approach is fresh, highly creative and sophisticated. With little direction and a keen understanding of the “bottom line”, she continually works her magic to distinguish our models in the minds of potential buyers. I would highly recommend Morr Interiors for exceptional design services.”

Elaine Leonard – Vice President, Director of Sales & Marketing Northland Residential Corporation,

“We have worked with many interior design firms and we were very impressed with Morr’s work on our project. The marketing team loved their work, they delivered on time and their fee was more then competitive.”

Jeffrey Rhuda – Business Development Manager Symes Associates, Inc.

“I recently worked with Stephanie Morrison from Morr Interiors to stage a new home that was on the market and we had tremendous results. We received a full price offer after the first showing and the house closed within a month of being listed.

At the closing the buyer said that as soon as she walked into the house she fell in love and knew she wanted to live there. That is exactly what Stephanie stated was the goal when we were discussing the process of staging and determining how much to stage, setting a budget, and timeline.

Stephanie has a real flair for decorating. After the first visit to the house, I knew she had a vision and she brought it to life. I had to really think through the additional expense of staging a new home. Since there wasn’t any clutter to clean, or existing furniture to move around and add to, we had to start from scratch. Stephanie recommended renting furniture and in addition I moved some of my own furniture into the house to keep down costs. Stephanie did a wonderful job choosing pieces that were neutral, blended with my own pieces and the design worked wonderfully.

The house was previously on the market empty with little to no activity. There is no question in my mind that although the house was new, it was hard for potential buyers to really determine how big the space was. Seeing how the furniture was placed helped give the buyers something to compare. So the end result was fantastic and I highly recommend it for any house on the market today. “

Alexis Makris – Makris Real Estate Development, LLC

“After using Stephanie to help with the interior design of our first home in 2013 there was no doubt in my mind that we needed her expertise again as we took on another home project. Her knowledge of product and her eye for design is a fantastic combination. She truly takes the stress out of the design process and makes it fun. She is able to listen to you describe your vision and turn it into reality. I would never attempt a project without her by my side!”

Patty O’Brien on

“Stephanie has been a pleasure to work with for many reasons. She is extremely accommodating and flexible with her time. She not only has wonderful taste, but also offers many wonderful ideas and resources. And aside from having a wonderful personality and patience to match, what we really appreciated the most about Stephanie was her honesty when asked her opinion. Anyone can tell you what they think you want to hear, but Stephanie is not afraid to tell you her truthful opinion when asked, which to me is invaluable and is what we are paying for. An honest, tasteful, opinion.”

Taweisman on