Interior Design Services

Model Home Merchandising

Dorset Park with Morr Interiors

Morr Interiors begins each Design Project with an engaging conversation with the Development and Sales team. It is the most important factor in understanding the needs and goals for each project and is helpful in determining the target audience for the demographic area. “A Model Home needs to embrace your presence and make you feel welcomed on the spot. Merchandising is about creating a lifestyle and leaving buyers with a memorable first impression about the use of space.” The goal is to have buyers remember what they saw, talk about the space when they leave and return to purchase within the community.

Commercial Interior Design

Seaglass Village Community Featured Image

Morr Interiors is involved in designing commercial spaces such as Clubhouses, Amenities Centers and Common Areas. Within most residential communities, Morr Interiors has helped design these spaces to attract potential homebuyers. The correlation between a Model Home and its surrounding development is very crucial and is an important sales tool for the Builder and real estate team to help set themselves apart from the competition.

Pre-Construction Design Consultant

Pre-Construction Interior Design Plans

At Morr, we offer services to the Builder & Homebuyer within the Design/Build developmental stages of construction. We sit down and review floor plans, offer architectural reviews, talk about the aesthetics and discuss opportunities to better showcase the home. This step has been proven to be very instrumental by eliminating costly construction changes down the road.

Two Hour Design/Color Consultation for the Homebuyer

Interior Design Consultation for Homeowners

Looking for some help and don’t know where to turn? All you need is just a little push to re-design a room in your house. A minimum of two hours is all it takes to sit down with a Designer and have them offer solutions to your space. Whether it’s re-arranging furniture or help with paint selections, this package has been so helpful to homebuyers’, busy Mom’s and industry professionals’ with hectic schedules. Call for details and let Morr Interiors bring the life back into your space.