Pre-Construction Design Consultant

Pre-Construction Interior Design Plans

Pre-construction services are used in the design phase of a construction project before actual construction begins in order to help eliminate costly changes further down the road. Morr Interiors offers interior design consultation services to builders, architects, and homebuyers within the design-build stages. We work together with project teams or homeowners during this phase to review floor plans, offer architectural reviews, talk about the aesthetics and discuss opportunities to better showcase the home.

Morr Interiors is committed to helping homeowners, architects, builders, and homebuyers create their dream home. We can help to offer interior design suggestions during the critical stage of pre-construction to help with the overall flow of your new home. We help make recommendations on window and door placement, overall layout of the home and rooms by space planning furniture onto floor plans, lighting and electrical reflected ceiling plans and help in understanding flow from one room to the next.

Builders find our pre-construction design consultation to be useful as it helps them produce a functional home that will sell, avoiding functional interior design faux pas and problematic errors that may require a homebuyer to renovate or even completely gut a home. This also means a top-dollar offer, rather than any contingent price reductions due to misplaced cabinets, islands, outlets, windows, doors, or otherwise that may need to be addressed before a home can be sold.

Homeowners love our pre-construction design consultation package because having a professional help them understand how they will live in their space and making sure they have what they need in order to be able to function in each room is invaluable. Your perfect home is not out of reach. Morr Interiors can help you get there. Contact us today.