Design/Color Consultation for the Homebuyer

2016 Morr InteriorsLooking for some help and don’t know where to turn? All you need is just a little push to re-design a room in your house. Whether you’re looking for a whole home redesign, or just a design refresh, we can help you figure out the choices that are best for you. Even the most well designed space can need a re-design or refresher every few years to keep the space updated. A minimum of two hours is all it takes to sit down with our designer and have them offer solutions to your space. Whether it is re-arranging furniture or help with paint selections, this package has been so helpful to homebuyers, busy moms, and industry professionals with hectic schedules.

Here at Morr Interiors, we find flexibility important when it comes to any client. We want to make sure you are satisfied with the services we provide to you. We can offer recommendations and suggest alternatives based on appearance, material, and cost.

We put you in control of all the definitive aspects of your design project. We want you to be nothing less than happy with your space. We can help you with anything from a small problem project to a large all-over home redesign. Call for details and let Morr Interiors bring the life back into your space.