Model Home Merchandising

Mezzo Design LoftsMorr Interiors begins each design project with an engaging conversation with the development and sales team. It is the most important factor in understanding the needs and goals for each project and is helpful in determining the target audience for the demographic area.

“A Model Home needs to embrace your presence and make you feel welcomed on the spot. Merchandising is about creating a lifestyle and leaving buyers with a memorable first impression about the use of space.”

Whether you’re working on a condominium or a town home, we can help you attract potential buyers and standout from competition. We strive to create a unique, diversified interior design that will also be current, fresh, and memorable.

Our goal is to have buyers remember what they saw, talk about the space when they leave, and return to purchase within the community. We also want to make sure we design a home in a way that potential buyers can see themselves in the space — we don’t like a lot of clutter or useless items in the space only for the look. Form and function play a huge role in our design process, and understanding the layout of a home in terms of usability is vastly important to us.