Pre-Construction Design Consultant

Dorset Park with Morr InteriorsAt Morr, we offer services to the builder and homebuyer within the design/build developmental stages of construction. We sit down and review floor plans, offer architectural reviews, talk about the aesthetics and discuss opportunities to better showcase the home.

This step has been proven to be very instrumental by eliminating costly construction changes down the road. It is important to address any potential problem areas before they become a problem later for homebuyers or renters. Our experience with understanding floor plan versus usability can be extremely valuable during any stage of construction.

We can make recommendations on window and door placement, overall layout of the home, space planning, traffic flow, or even focus on smaller areas such as kitchen layout or bathroom layout. Our recommendations can also branch out to material choice based on desired design aesthetic, and we can also work with the builder and/or homebuyer with material versus cost. Offering alternatives and choices are important to us at Morr Interiors; we want clients to be happy with the services rendered to them.