Before & After: Redesigning a Community

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Mezzo Design Lofts Community Room Entrance

Morr Interiors was hired in the re-design of the Mezzo Design Lofts Community Room in Charlestown, MA. One room was designated for the rental community to utilize as their communal space to gather, watch TV for larger events, host smaller parties and conduct business if someone worked from home. As our lives and behaviors change with the way we live, work and conduct business on a daily basis, the re-design of Mezzo’s Community Room had to be reminiscent of the future.

This project was fun from the very beginning! Mezzo is a pet-friendly, mixed demographic rental community on the outskirts of Boston. The re-design had to convey the same previous footprint but desperately needed a facelift with colors for a seamless look throughout the building and appropriate scaled furnishings to accommodate multiple furniture groupings.

Morr Interiors is thrilled to unveil the re-design of Mezzo Design Lofts Community Room. This space can NOW accommodate up to 22 people seated. It provides multiple power-controlled work surfaces for individuals to connect with the world around them and feels comfortable, semi private at any seating arrangement provided. The furniture lines are modern, simple and paired with indestructible soft vinyls to the touch. Its color scheme is now cohesive with the stained concrete floor and existing floor tile in the entryway.

Enjoy the before and after images for comparison – CHEERS!



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