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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I thought it would be appropriate to feature in this month’s blog a “Green” furniture company that was introduced to me by a fellow Interior Designer. Amazingly enough, the furniture will be featured in our collaborated design for a seasonal cottage in February. Martha’s Vineyard Furniture gave us the opportunity to incorporate their pieces in our Model Home with colorful design, without breaking the bank.

The pieces of furniture showcased in Martha’s Vineyard “Many Shades of Green” line constructed of solid Hevea Wood. Hevea trees are trapped for their rubber-like sap which is the worlds main resource for latex production. After being tapped for 20-30 years, these trees stop producing sufficient sap and are typically cut down and burned. Using these discarded trees are a great form of sustainability. Each peice of furniture in the ” Many Shades of Green” line is finished in a Zero VOC paint in one of the 30 colors. That’s right, Zero Toxins by Mythic Paint. Mythic Paint is child-safe, pet-safe and earth-safe product and virtually odorless.

I am so proud to showcase a MA based furniture company in this month’s blog. As a consumer, it is all too common to run out and buy the first thing you see in a store. Why not, it’s on the sales floor and ready to ship that day. Although, what impact did it have on our environment? As a Designer, educating the consumer is my job. There are so many great local craftsman on our backyard. Sometimes it’s worth the patience for delivery knowing you are saving the earth and will be able to breathe easier.

Thank you to all that take the time to read this little expert. If you would like more information, click on the links below and have a look for yourself! Cheers to Green!

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