Glowing Testimonial from Portwalk Place

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Aria at Portwalk Place - Community Center - Portsmouth, NH Outside

Aria“Stephanie is the best interior designer! I wanted to create a place I could call ‘home’. I was tired of the ‘IKEA Showroom’ look. The problem was that I have literally no interior design capabilities. Things like colors, proportion, furniture, and artwork overwhelm me. (Hence the ‘IKEA Showroom’ look)

Stephanie Morrison of Morr Interiors was the perfect person for me. She exceeded every one of my expectations. She made the intimidating process of designing and transforming my apartment into a home an awesome experience. She even was brave enough to let me do some of the shopping. She never shot my ideas down. She answered every single one of my dozens (maybe hundreds) of texts, emails, and phone calls. She would talk me down when I would text in a panic because a piece of furniture arrived and it didn’t look quite right or I get a notice that an important piece of furniture has been back ordered 2 months or the glass tile that we picked out wouldn’t work. Her answer was always the same, ‘don’t worry Dan, we will figure it out’, and magically she did.

I was so lucky to have found Stephanie. As soon as I met with her, I got a sense of her warm personality and her professionalism. She immediately knew what I wanted and understood my design concept. She has impeccable taste, an excellent eye for color, and very creative ideas to make any home beautiful and outstanding. I can’t thank her enough!”

– Dan Brochu, Portwalk Place, Portsmouth, NH


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